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September 28 - 29, 2024

Location: Camp Pine Crest, Torrance, Ontario, Canada

Wilderness Traverse is a 24 Hour Adventure Race hosted annually in Ontario, Canada. Teams of 3 or 4 navigate using map and compass over 150 kilometers of rugged Canadian Shield back-country on foot, mountain bike and canoe. It is one of the toughest team-based endurance challenges around and simply reaching the finish line is a massive achievement.  

I believe the very essence of adventure racing is captured with phrases such as teamwork, wilderness navigation, route-finding strategy, and overcoming physical and mental limits. These are just words on a page until you get out there and experience it for yourself. Believe me, there is no greater feeling of satisfaction (and yes, relief!) when you cross the finish line in a classic adventure race.

My goal in the creation of the Wilderness Traverse is to place a challenge before your team that captures your collective imagination and no matter what the outcome, gives you an indelible memory of a very special place in Canada.

You will love it. You will hate it. You will feel powerful. You will want it to end. Then, when it’s all over and you’re back to your regular day-to-day life, you will crave to do it again.

I will do whatever I can to get your team to the finish line. All I ask is that you come to the start line, face the racecourse with an open mind, and push like hell until the time is up. You’ll be glad you did, I promise you!


Bob Miller
Event Organizer

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Bringing Back Old School Adventure Racing

A true epitome of a wilderness adventure race.
- Dan Mallory -

A professionally crafted, challenging and rewarding course.
- Alexandre Provost -

I did experience the full spectrum of emotions from loving it, hating it, to wanting to do it again.

- John Nadeau -


Give this race a serious look next year. I doubt you'll regret it.
- Jason Urckfitz -

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