Event Details

Algonquin Highlands, Ontario, Canada

Event Overview
Important Update February 2021:

Many of the details included on this page are likely to change due to

our efforts to host the event with Covid 19 protocols in place. We hope

to have things figured out by late March and will send an update to all

registered teams at that time. 

Important Update July 2021:

In order to host the event with Covid mitigation strategies in place, namely

the reduction of large group gatherings, we've been forced to create 2

cohorts, which will each participate during their own 24-hour time-frame.

Cohort 1 will race from Friday AM to Saturday AM

Cohort 2 will race from Saturday AM to Sunday AM 

Registered teams can click here (updated July 24, 2021) to see which

cohort their team has been assigned too.

An email was sent to all registered teams in early June explaining the

changes in more detail. 

When: August 20-23, 2021 

Where: Dorset, Ontario, Canada

Host Site: Lions Camp Dorset
Click Here for a Google Map Link. 


Categories: Teams of 3, or 4, can be Coed, All-Male, All-Female


Disciplines: Trekking, Canoeing, Mountain Biking, each requiring
wilderness navigation


Duration: Teams have up to 24 Hours to complete the course


Distance: +150km
Trekking 35km, Paddling 30km, Mountain Biking 85km*

*Distances are approximate and largely impacted by individual team route selections


Courses: In order to give all teams the best chance of finishing there will locations along the route where teams can choose a shorter course, or may be directed onto a shorter course if they miss a time cut-off. New for 2021, the various courses will labelled as follows with the longest/full course at the top and each shorter course following below:

Expedition Course

Journey Course

Explorers Course

Challenge Course


Unsupported: The event will be completely "unsupported", meaning the

organization will transport your gear between the various transition

areas. If you have friends and family who would like to follow the event,

we'll have maps available detailing "ideal" spectator points along the

route. Or, better yet, have them sign-up as a volunteer for an inside look

at the sport and your progress.

Tentative Schedule of Events


Cohort 1

Friday August 20, 2021
06:00 - Host Site Opens

07:00 - Race Starts (may be staggered, or mass, depending on Covid

mitigation requirements)

Saturday August 21, 2021

07:00 - Course Closes

08:00 - All Cohort 1 Teams have cleared the host site.


Cohort 2

Saturday August 21, 2021
08:30 - Host Site Opens

09:30 - Race Starts (may be staggered, or mass, depending on Covid

mitigation requirements)

Sunday August 22, 2021

09:30 - Course Closes

10:30 - All Cohort 2 Teams have cleared the host site.


Accommodation Options

Roofed accommodations near Dorset book quickly in the summer months, so plan

accordingly. Follow this link for a list of options near Dorset. 

Unfortunately, camping or accommodations will not be available at the host site

this year in order to aid with Covid mitigation strategies. 


Finding Team-mates

Interested in finding a team, or require a team-mate to round out your roster?
Send an e-mail to (bob"at"wildernesstraverse"dot"ca) with a description of your
AR experience, goals and location. We keep a list of teams and individuals and make matches frequently. We also recommend posting on the Facebook Event discussion


Adventure Racing Ontario Series

For those interested in seeing how their team stacks up against the competition in Ontario, Wilderness Traverse is a member of the Adventure Racing Ontario Series. Teams will earn points for the series by participating at Wilderness Traverse. More details can be found by clicking on the link above.