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Adventure Racing Training
AR Mentor Program

Tackling an event as arduous as Wilderness Traverse requires a vast set of endurance-based, team-based and navigation-based skill sets. Some come to the sport with expertise in one discipline, some come with extensive back-country tripping experience and some are getting into the outdoors, or team sports for the very first time. Most within the sport can attest to the steep learning curve as they jumped into the deep end and learned the ins and outs by making countless mistakes. While there is no better way to learn than by trial and error, there are many many rookie mistakes that can be overcome with the advice of an experienced mentor. To this end, we reached out to the most successful AR racers and teams who participate at Wilderness Traverse and asked if they'd be willing to mentor new teams or those looking to improve. We received a great response from over 20 mentors willing to help out. 


So how does the program work? Simply email with the following details:

  • Title the email: "AR Mentor Program"

  • The size of your team, or group (can be individual-based as well)

  • Experience level with AR

  • Specific goals for wanting to learn/improve

  • Geographic location of where you or your team is based (mentoring can also take place virtually)

Once the email is received we'll pass the details to our team of experts and you should hear back from someone within the week to formulate a plan. The training may take many forms (live video chats, in-person skill development, or have a mentor join your team for a virtual race/course) and will be customized to the unique requirements of each team/individual. In the spring we'll also be releasing a virtual training course/race that teams can attempt at their leisure (more details below). These could provide a great opportunity to have a mentor join you for race simulation training.

Compensation. We've suggested a fee of $65 per hour of instruction (an average personal training fee), however each mentor will outline their fees in their initial reply.    


Please also email with any questions about this program ( We hope it provides a great stepping stone for many to gain the skills and experience to achieve their goals. 

Finally, if you're an experienced racer and would like to join this program as a mentor, please also send an email to


Virtual Training Events

Check back in the spring as we'll be releasing details of a few training virtual races teams can tackle on their own time. These events will take between 5 and 12 hours and will be released on the MapRun App. Learn more about MapRun at this link

These events will require each participant to sign up online and have each participant sign a waiver online. 

More details to come!

Challenge The Shield 365 - Parry Sound

For other virtual training opportunities visit the Challenge The Shield - 365 page where they release new challenges most months throughout the spring, summer & fall.

AR Mentor Program
Virtual Training Events
AR Resources
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