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The Team Behind the Scenes

Bob Miller

Event Organizer

I've been involved with multisport racing for the past 20 years as a participant, coach and event director. As a competitor I began with a few marathons & triathlons, but switched to adventure racing in 1998. To date, I've participated in hundreds of adventure races, including over 30 international expedition-length events. This allows me to draw from a vast array of experiences when creating courses and organizing events. I've designed over 35 adventure race and multisport courses throughout Ontario, including; the 4-Day 2006 National Adventure Racing Championships, the 2-Day Keen Adventure Sports Games, as well as numerous events for both Frontier Adventure Racing and Adventure Racing Canada. I also organize the Snowshoe Raid, which is part of the DONTGETLOST Adventure Running Series, was the Logistics Director of the nationwide Mud Hero Obstacle Race Series and am the current Event Director for the Peninsula Adventure Sports Association.

Barb Campbell

Assistant Race Director

Barb has paddled, trekked, skied and biked in wild places from the High Arctic to Nepal. Addicted to adventure racing and orienteering since 2002, she is captain and navigator of the Tree Huggers and has competed in over one hundred adventure events ranging from expedition races to mountain marathons. Barb has acted as course designer and race director for a range of navigation events and has worked on Wilderness Traverse since its inception in 2010.

Wayne Leek

Assistant Race Director

Dragged unwillingly to try a race in 2002, Wayne soon caught the AR bug. What has followed is 20 years of passionate involvement, as a racer (Captain & navigator of proudly mediocre Team Lather. Rinse. Repeat.), organization volunteering (CARA; Toronto Orienteering) and team support (including Eco-Challenge Fiji). A racer at the first WT (DNF after an epic nav bobble), an injury brought him to the race organization side a few years later, where he discovered a passion for helping AR happen. Proudest AR moments: full course WT finish with 2 minutes to spare, the many overnight pickups of tired/ happy WT racers, and supporting his team to the Eco- Challenge Fiji podium.

Brad Jennings

Assistant Race Director

Having always been involved in outdoor sports, Brad started adventure racing as a teenager and quickly developed a love for the sport, eventually forming Ripkin AR where he is the captain and primary navigator. You may often find him on course with more camera's than race gear, filming for both Get Out There Magazine and Explore the Backcountry. He loves to capture and relive the mental and physical slog as well as the extreme highs and lows that is AR. Brad is the founder and race director of Trent AR, an adventure racing club based out of Trent University where he has successfully designed and implemented over 8 races. He frequently embarks on backcountry expeditions and his travels have ranged from first recorded descents of rivers to rediscovering long lost canoe routes.

Luis Moreira

Event Photographer

Beginning his career in the early days of Canadian adventure racing, Luis has covered numerous adventure events around the world. Over the years he's been involved with events like the Eco-Challenge NAC, numerous Primal Quests and various Adventure Racing World Champs to name a few. His focus has also expanded into ultra running events such as the Rock & Ice Ultra, other multi sport events and even expedition rally racing. During this journey he started working with Breathe Magazine as a photographer and their photo editor. Luis is committed to staying true to his extreme & intimate photography style. To see some of Luis' amazing work, feel free to visit his website:


Joel Perrella

Event Videographer

Joel Perrella is a cinematographer and writer from Ontario, Canada, whose work is stratified with outdoor, lifestyle and adventure subjects. Joel’s imagery and stories are animated by the richness and depth of his subjects who convey their experiences through his lens, edit, and ultimately the narrative that develops on film. At the age of 25, he published Breathe Magazine, an adventure sport magazine which grew in distribution throughout North America. From there he transitioned the publishing company, Angry Whale Media, into a production company that focuses on commercial and documentary work concerning the outdoors, adventure and lifestyle, so that he can continue to tell stories of the human spirit fuelled by the beauty and intricacy of the wild and urban spaces which constitute our world.


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