Rules & Regulations

What You Need to Know


Click Here to download the Rules & Regulations (as of Sep 26, 2017). Note, the Gear List is also included here.

Update from previous version of Rules and Regulations dated Sep 9, 2016 include:


Section 6.1 Mandatory Gear

The following items have been added to the mandatory gear list:

-1 Back-up battery & cable – capable of charging cell-phone

-Water purification system/tablets (enough to purify 20 litres of water)


Section 11 Penalties

New 2-Hour penalty listed for missing safety items: Satellite Tracking Device or Cell Phone

2-Hour penalty added for not wearing a PFD while paddling 

Section 6.1 Mandatory Gear - Paddling Section(s)

The following items have been added to the gear list:

-Flashlight, or Head-lamp (must be waterproof and bright enough to signal other vessels while paddling after dark) 2 per canoe

-Rear-mounted RED light (must be mounted on the back of the rear person of the canoe and turned on at all times from sunset to sunrise) 1 per canoe

Documents required during checkin for registered teams:

2019 Waiver 

2019 Image Release

2019 Medical Form