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Rules & Regulations / Race Documents

What You Need to Know


Click Here to download the Rules & Regulations (as of Sept. 14, 2023). Note, the Gear List is also included here.
Updates from the previous version dated July 15th, 2022 include:

  • mask or face covering - removed from Full-Time Per-Person Gear List 

  • dry bag - removed from Full-Time Per-Team Gear List 

  • Paddling Section Gear - Chemical Light Sticks clarified as "minimum 3" long"

Race Communications Protocol - All teammates should be familiar with this in case of emergency.

Click Here for the 2024 Competitor Update (will be added 2 weeks before the event)

Click Here for the 2024 Team List with Team Numbers assigned (will be added the week of the event)

Documents which need to be filled out and signed prior to arrival at the host site. Participants will receive an email copy of the waiver and must bring this digital copy with them to show at Race Kit Pick-Up.:

2024 Waiver and Release of Liability (will be added 2 weeks before the event)

2024 Medical Form (will be added 2 weeks before the event)

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