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Race for a Cause

Outward Bound Canada Challenge

Reach your personal goal AND make a difference!

Reaching the finish line of Wilderness Traverse is an unforgettable personal accomplishment. You can make it even more meaningful by helping to provide life-changing wilderness experiences for youth who might not otherwise have the opportunity. Over the years, teams have raised over $80,000 in pledges for Outward Bound Canada – a national charity that enables youth to get away from their daily lives, creating space in nature to engage in self discovery and experiential learning.


Become a Fundraising Champion for Outward Bound Canada’s Charitable Programs

​Since 1969, Outward Bound Canada has cultivated resilience, leadership, connections and compassion through inspiring and challenging journeys of discovery in the natural world. Over 150,000 Canadians have been impacted by their innovative programs run from coast to coast, which encourage participants to step out of their comfort zone and unlock their true potential. With this in mind, Wilderness Traverse is encouraging more teams than ever to take up the fundraising challenge and support Outward Bound’s specially designed wilderness and urban programs for youth of all socio-economic backgrounds.

*Fundraising rewards include:

$500 raised – OBC Branded Hooded Sweatshirt

$1,500 raised – OBC Branded Hooded Sweatshirt  + Baseball Cap
$3,500 raised – OBC Branded Hooded Sweatshirt + Sweatpants + Baseball Cap
*amounts above represent individual fundraising levels – not per team


Please consider supporting the teams who are raising funds for Outward Bound Canada this year:


If you have questions or would like to connect with Outward Bound, please contact: Jenieki Young, Philanthropy Projects Coordinator at 1-888-OUTWARD (688-9273) Ext. 242

“Outward Bound opened my eyes to a world of adventure, hard work, new friends and nature. It made me realize that I should be grateful for the little moments in life that I take for granted. At times it was hard and I just wanted to give up and go home, but I didn’t.”

— Outward Bound Youth Participant

There is more to us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.

- Kurt Hahn - 
- Founder Outward Bound -


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