2022 Registration Details

All registrations occur online with our secure provider All registrations require payment by credit card (online).

Entry Fees


Early: $325 per person
(until March 10, 2022 @ noon)


Regular: $350 per person
(until June 9, 2022)


Late: $375 per person 
(until August 4, 2022)


Registration closes August 4th, 2022 at 23:59. 
(Fees do not include online processing fees, or Ontario, Canada's

Harmonized Sales Tax of 13%) 

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Entry Includes: Professionally designed and managed race-course,
transportation of all gear between transition areas, canoe rentals*,
custom designed event t-shirt, finishers memento, use of emergency
communication devices (YB GPS Tracking and Texting
device), post race meal & awards ceremony. 

Refunds. If a registered team wishes to withdraw from the event 100% of the registration fee less a $50 administration fee will be refunded up to June 9, 2022. Between June 9th and August 4th, 2022 75% of a teams entry fee can be refunded, or a 100% credit can be applied to the 2023 event. After August 4th and before event day no refund will be provided, but a credit equal to 50% of the entry fee can be applied toward the 2023 event.

Covid Mitigation:

As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic is fluid and mitigation measures are changing constantly. At the time of the event, we’ll need to follow any Covid mitigation guidelines, or restrictions imposed by, local or provincial governments, health units, sport governing bodies, or our host venue. These may include:


  • Providing Proof of Vaccination

  • Wearing a mask indoors, and possibly outdoors when distancing of 2m is not possible

  • Completing a Covid Pre-Screening Test on the day of the event

  • We’re planning for one mass-start event with all 70 teams, however if Covid mandates require we may need to implement a staggered start (on the same day), or in the worst-case scenario re-impose our 2-cohort strategy splitting the event over 3 days with half the teams racing Friday AM to Sat AM and half racing Sat AM to Sun AM. Selecting which cohort your team participates in would be determined based on registration order.


At this time (Aug 8, 2022), there are no Covid-related restrictions being imposed. However, we will be using buses to transport teams to the start location and it is recommended to wear masks on the bus. 


The Canadian Adventure Racing Association has also recently released a document to help guide racers and organizers when planning for Covid 19, which can be seen at this link.  

*We reached our capacity of event supplied canoes on Feb. 12th, 2022. Any team registering passed this date will need to bring/supply their own canoe(s) for the event. Entry fees have been discounted accordingly on the registration page (there is no need to enter a discount code as described below)* 
We have limited capacity of 88 canoes available from our supplier Algonquin Outfitters. Once that threshold is reached any team signing up will be required to bring their own canoe. Due to the team composition variable of having 3 or 4 team-mates we expect all canoes provided by the organizer will be spoken for once roughly 50 teams have registered. Teams bringing their own canoe will receive a discount as described below.

Bring Your Own Canoe Option. If a team wishes to use their own canoe(s), or once all the organizer provided canoes have been spoken for, enter Discount Code: 1CANOE if bringing one canoe, or 2CANOES if bringing two canoes in the "Discount Code" field on the first page of registration. Code 1CANOE will provide a $66 discount off the teams total registration fee, while code 2CANOES will provide a $132 discount. Depending on course layouts, teams bringing their own canoes may be required to drop their canoes off a short distance from the host site and pick them up afterwards, or personal canoes will be transported by event organizers. Personal canoes must be labelled with the teams name and number. Organizers, or third party contractors will assume no liability for damage to personal canoes during transport, or during the event and owners will need to sign a release accepting this. Personal canoes must be built for standard back-country/wilderness touring (marathon racing canoes are not permitted). Canoes must fall within "C2 Stock" and "C2 Recreation" classes. Specifications are as follows:

Maximum Length: 18'6"

Minimum Length: 15'

Minimum Width: 30" at 4" waterline          

Minimum Depth: Bow 16", Middle 12", Stern 16"

(For examples, see the Muskoka River X events Watercraft Specifications at this link)


For reference, the Wilderness Traverse rental fleet is provided by Algonquin Outfitters with "Swift Algonquin 16 and 17" expedition kevlar models. Specifications as follows:

Swift Algonquin 16:

Weight: 46lb

Length: 16'

Max. Width: 36" 

Waterline Width: 33"

Bow/Stern Height: 21"

Middle/Centre Height 13"


Swift Algonquin 17:

Weight 55lb

Length: 17'6"

Max. Width: 36" 

Waterline Width: 33" (not 100% sure on this spec.)

Bow/Stern Height: 21"

Middle/Centre Height 15"


Listing of Teams Bringing Personal Canoes:


Canoe Listing 2022.jpg

Untouched Wilderness 

Challenging Navigation