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Click to expand map view. Download the Wilderness Traverse race package for complete compeitior insturctions, maps and more.


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  • Click the Leaderboard Results link

  • Choose Tracking Map from the menu.

  • On the left side, click below the word "Teams". Scroll through until you find your team. They are alphabetical within finish category, e.g. Full Course, DNF, etc. You may need to expand a category folder to see individual teams.

  •  To the right of your team name, there is a little icon. Click on it to bring up the final map location of your tracker before you turned it off. 

  • Zoom in if necessary and click the small icon on the map with your team number. If you can't see it because it's in a big pile of other teams, return to the Teams list in #3 and remove some checkboxes to clear other teams off the map. 

  • After you click your team icon, a box will drop down. Click the "+" sign beside History and the map will reload to show all your tracker points. Zoom in to see more detail. You can click on individual dots to see the time and other data.

View Route History on the Tracking Map

Race Reports

Alex Provost


David Varty

Midnight Tracks #6


Wayne Leek

Lather, Rinse, Repeat #5


Tracy Roth

The Breakfast Club #39


Jason Stark

Outliers #20


Mike Brown

Salomon #7


Michael Chown

DAS Clothing #34


Sean Roper

Storm/Beowulf #2


Phil Kazmaier

Beer Barons #17


Dave Hitchon

Team Birdman #22


Pete Cameron

Salomon #7


Tim Grant

Milton Basement Racers #8


Paul Heuts

Attack from Above #4


Chris Laughren

Attack from Above #4


Harper Forbes

Running Free #3


Cathy Gallagher

Storm/Beowulf #2


Shannon Miller

Salomon #7


Chad Spence

Pullin' Foot #15


Jessica Kuepfer

Ripkin AR #24




Gallery Photos on this page by Luis Moreira

Check out addtional photos in the Flickr Photostream or the Wilderness Traverse Dropbox

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Video by Brad Jennings of

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