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Registered Teams

2016 Edition



Team Members: Pete Cameron, Angus Doughty, Jean-Yves Dionne & Shannon Miller 

From: British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec Canada

Long Sault Longshots


Team Members: Robert Makurat, Dorota Urbaniak, Jacek Jacowiecz, TBA

From: Toronto & Milton, Ontario, Canada

Snatch Critters


Team Members: Adam Brancaccio, Dustin Reeves, Corey Reeves, Darrell Prantera

From: Canada

Made In Poland

All Male

Team Members: Andrew Poniedzialek, Mariusz Kalkowski, Pawel Radomski, Peter Boltryk

From: York Region, Ontario, Canada

Stark Raving Mad


Team Members: Jason Stark, Don MacAlister, Corey Kennedy, Trina Conley

From: Thomasburg, Belleville & Coutice, Ontario, Canada

Bear Bait

All Female

Team Members: Bonnie Rutherford, Peggy Paczay, Cathy Foster

From: Durham & Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Black Swan Racing

All Male

Team Members: Nathaniel Hoover, Kyle Nesbitt, Keegan McCallum

From: Aurora, Stratford & Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Inglorious Raid Runners

All Male

Team Members: Tom Jennings, Jeff Hockett, Mike Luxton

From: Toronto, Oshawa & Newcastle, Ontario, Canada

Trail Blazers


Team Members: Jeremy Faulkner, Emmanuelle Faulkner, Stephen Faulkner, James Collins

From: Sudbury, Massey & Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada

Strangers in the Night


Team Members: Tracy Roth, Luke Connick, Sarah Pihel

From: Schomberg, Waubaushene and Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Adrenaline Rush

All Male

Team Members: Dan Mallory, Adam Mallory, Mark Honsberger, Jason McArthur

From: Barrie & Whitby Ontario and Gatineau Quebec, Canada

Bugs In Teeth/Attack From Above


Team Members: Mike Simpson, Chris Laughren, Paul Huets, Julie Parent

From: Whitby, Milton, Ottawa, Markhem, Ontario, Canada

Mediocre at Best


Team Members: Cosmo Longo, Stephanie Longo, David Bywater, Sylvain Sabourin

From: Pembroke Ontario Canada

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot


Team Members: Candice Stuart, Grant Sutherland, Steve Ruskay 

From: Bellville, Perth Road Village, Sydenham and Parry Sound, Ontario Canada

Bush Munchers

All Male

Team Members: David Hartwick, Rob Bouchard, Brady Vincent, Zoltan Pop

From: Kitchener Ontario Canada


All Male

Team Members: Adrian Makurat, Adam Suszka, Marcin Michalik

From: Ontario Canada

The Bush League

All Male

Team Members: Wayne Simpson, Kirk Albert, Marty Pemberton

From: Kemptville, Ontario Canada



Team Members: Scott Cocks, Alexis Dallaire

From: Kanata, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec Canada

The Warriors


Team Members: Scott Weersink, Brett Weersink, Janel Sauder, Ian Weir

From: Stratford, Ontario Canada

Kelly's Heroes - The Sequel


Team Members: Dave Hitchon, Tom Van Natter, Kelly Legge, Will Hitchon

From: Ontario, Canada

Soaring Zebras

All Male

Team Members: Trevor Morningstar, Jeff Steven, Jordan MacDougall

From: Tiverton, Ripley & Dungannon Ontario Canada


All Male

Team Members: Andrei Neagoie, Scott Kerr, Riley Armstrong

From: Oakville Ontario Canada

Speed Bunnies

All Female

Team Members: Wanda Prochazka, Stina Bridgeman, Sophia Tsouros, Barbara Niess May

From: Toronto Ontario Canada and Canandaigua New York and South Lyon Michigan U.S.A.

Uphill Both Ways

All Male

Team Members: Matthew Reynolds, Dave Brydson, Robert Rulison

From: Toronto & Pickerin Ontario Canada and Vermontville, Michigan U.S.A.

We Should Have Trained

All Male

Team Members: Rob McCollum, Tim Cripps, Tom Wronecki, Drew Korzeniowski

From: Hamilton, Toronto and Etobicoke, Ontario Canada

DAS Endurance Racing


Team Members: Cullen Thiessen, Michael Chown, Robertson Gibb, Deborah Lightman

From: Dorval & Kirkland Quebec Canada and Ottawa Ontario Canada

Pullin Foot Powered by Velofix Halton

All Male

Team Members: Vince Trudelle, Chad Spence, Jay Livingstone, Greg Critchley

From: London, Ontario Canada

Epic Endurance


Team Members: Kelly Boyd, Andrew Fairhurst, Wayne Nyman, Claire Perks

From: Grand Prarie and Blairmore Alberta and Halifax Nova Scotia Canada 

Brifast & The Jay boyz


Team Members: J-R Bouchard, Christopher Lennox, Briana Sullivan

From: Jay & Cambridge, Vermont and Amesbury, Maine U.S.A.

Kinetic Konnection

All Male

Team Members: Robert Pula, Andrew Pula, David Renaud, Andre Gervais

From: Windsor & Belle River, Ontario Canada

Muck Dynasty

All Male

Team Members: Peter Ashmore, Brandon Ashmore, Matthew Lawton, Michael Lawton

From: Parry Sound, Oakville & Toronto, Ontario Canada

The Wetter the Better

All Male

Team Members: Phil Edmunds, Paul Larmand, Aaron Coutts, Tim Bourrie

From: Midland, Ontario Canada

Storm Beowulf


Team Members: Jamie Gallagher, Cathy Gallagher, Sean Roper, Tom Martin

From: Milton & Georgetown, Ontario Canada

Crash Splash and Dash

All Male

Team Members: Brad Elliott, David Varty, Luc Frechette, Erik Petersen

From: Ajax, Thornhill and Rockland, Ontario Canada

Race for Breakfast


Team Members: Glenn MacLaren, Justin Loncaric, Josie Zorn, Rory Zorn

From: Dundas, Ontario Canada

Rocket Scientists

All Male

Team Members: Nicolas Valsecchi, Boris Valsecchi, Sebastien Lafrance

From: Quebec, Canada



Team Members: Trevor Williams, Will Santo, Ellen Dannys

From: Waterloo, Ontario Canada


All Male

Team Members: Ken Batten, David Crawford, John Birr

From: Durham, Ontario Canada

Icarus Flight School

All Male

Team Members: Chris Werby, Rob Moore, Devin Archdekin

From: Woodstock and Georgetown, Ontario Canada

Super Wilderness Bros

All Male

Team Members: Zachary Ellis, Christopher Metaxas, NIck Metaxas

From: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Gaetan des bois

All Male

Team Members: Yannick Huneault, Jean-François Seguin, Charles Seguin

From: L'ange gardien, Quebec Canada

Lots of Pizza Too: this time less pizza


Team Members: Tessa Jennison, Matt Bacon, Robin McKim

From: Waterloo, Ontario Canada

Running Free


Team Members: Harper Forbes, Denise Rispolie, Eddie Johnson, Scott Ford

From: Ontario Canada

Beer Barons

All Male

Team Members: Phil Kazmaier, Ross Brittle, Jean-Francois Montcalm

From: Ontario Canada

2 Combat Engineer Regiment

All Male

Team Members: Mathew Curry, Nick Bouchard, Jeremy Jobin, Edward Leibel

From: Deep River, Ottawa and Petawawa, Ontario Canada

Team CanadaAR


Team Members: James Galipeau, Nathalie Long, Jason Urckfitz, Ryan VanGorder

From: Gatineau Quebec Canada and New York and California, U.S.A.

Tickled Pickles

All Male

Team Members: Daniel Arki, Ben Walkowiak, Andrew Arki

From: Barrie and Russell, Ontario Canada and East Falmouth, Massachusetts U.S.A.

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