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Registered Teams

2017 Edition

The Warriors


Team Members: Scott Weersink, Brett Weersink, Janel Sauder, Ian Weir

From: St. Mary's, Kingston & Guelph, Ontario, plus Whitehorse, Yukon Canada



Team Members: Pete Cameron, Leanne Mueller, Jean-Yves Dionne & Scott Ford 

From: British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec Canada



Team Members: Benoit Letourneau, Alexandre Provost, James Galipeau, Liza Pye

From: Ontario, Quebec and Alberta, Canada

All Male

Team Members: Peter Ashmore, Brandon Ashmore, Matt Lawton, Mike Lawton

From: Parry Sound & Toronto, Ontario Canada

Team Muck Dynasty is raising funds for Outward Bound Canada's charitable programs, click here to donate.

If you're participating at Wilderness Traverse and wish to learn more about fundraising for Outward Bound on your own team, please contact Brandon Ashmore (

DreamMakers Into The Wild

Coed *rookie team*

Team Members: Joshua Dey, Abraham Rojas, Agathe Fittipaldi, Maxime Syrykh

From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The DreamMakers Into The Wild are raising funds for Outward Bound Canada's charitable programs. Please click here to donate.

The Breakfast Club

All Female

Team Members: Ginger Gibson, Tracy Roth, Nicole VanMuyen

From: Barrie, Schomberg & Washago, Ontario, Canada

Click Here to support team The Breakfast Club in their bid to raise funds for Outward Bound Canada's charitable programs.


Team Members: Barbara Niess-May, Brenda Carlson-Brown, Jens Christiansen, Tizoc Cruz-Gonzalez

From: Michigan, U.S.A.

Nav like Jagger

All Male

Team Members: Joel Zavitz, Graham Vickery, Dan Hurley, Dave Bishop

From: Collingwood, Ontario Canada

Beer Barons

All Male

Team Members: Phil Kazmaier, Ross Brittle, Jean-Francois Montcalm

From: Ontario Canada

Milton Basement Racers


Team Members: Tim Grant, Eddie Johnson, Mike Simpson, Audrey Kelly

From: Guelph, Thornbury, Whitby & Toronto, Ontario Canada

Spinning out of Control


Team Members: Kelly Legge, Chris Legge, Patrick Crampton

From: Ontario & Manitoba, Canada

Long Sault Longshots


Team Members: Robert Makurat, Dorota Urbaniak, Dave Corner, Glenn Edwards

From: Toronto, Belfountain and Orangeville Ontario, Canada

Stark Raving Mad


Team Members: Jason Stark, Don MacAlister, Corey Kennedy, Trina Conley

From: Thomasburg, Belleville & Courtice, Ontario, Canada

Made In Poland

All Male

Team Members: Andrew Poniedzialek, Mariusz Kalkowski, Pawel Radomski, Peter Boltryk

From: Aurora, Thornhill & Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Mountain Hardwear


Team Members: Robyn Allen, Mark Tarnopololsky, Martin Rydlo

From: Thornbury, Collingwood and Dundas, Ontario, Canada


All Male

Team Members: Stu Vander Geest, Rick Atkinson, Luka Senk

From: Uxbridge, Claremont and Collingwood, Ontario Canada

Trail Blazers

All Male

Team Members: Jeremy Faulkner, Stephen Faulkner, Emmanuelle Moreau, Kenn Schmitz

From: Sudbury & Massey, Ontario, Canada

The Trail Blazers are raising funds for Outward Bound Canada's charitable programs. Please click here to donate.


All Male

Team Members: Andrei Neagoie, Tim Cripps, Riley Armstrong

From: Oakville & Cambridge, Ontario Canada

DAS Endurance Racing


Team Members: Michael Chown, Cullen Thiessen, Phil Brunet, Karine Corbeil

From: Kirkland, Quebec, Canada



Team Members: Michelle McShane, Candice Stuart, Grant Sutherland, Steve Ruskay 

From: Bellville, Perth Road Village, Sydenham and Parry Sound, Ontario Canada

Storm Beowulf


Team Members: Jamie Gallagher, Cathy Gallagher, Sean Roper, Denise Rispolie

From: Milton, Georgetown & Toronto, Ontario Canada


Team Members: Yannick Huneault, Jean-François Séguin, Martin Hardy, Nicky Cameron

From: L'ange-Gardien, Quebec Canada



Team Members: Scott Cocks, Alexis Dallaire, Sophia Tsouros, Kit Vreeland

From: Kanata, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec Canada

Unskilled, Unsponsored and Unrelenting


Team Members: Barbara Steele, Owen Steele, Matt Bell

From: Wasaga Beach, Ontario Canada

Anarchy AR


Team Members: Brady Vincent, Matthew Graham, Ilana Kingsley

From: Kitchener, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta Canada


All Male

Team Members: Wayne Simpson, Kirk Albert, Marty Pemberton, Richard Smith

From: Kemptville, Ontario Canada

Samsquanch AR

All Male

Team Members: Peter Bailey, Alan Hindle, Steve Abrams

From: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Tickled Pickles

All Male

Team Members: Daniel Arki, Ben Walkowiak, Andrew Arki

From: Barrie and Russell, Ontario Canada and East Falmouth, Massachusetts U.S.A.

Speed Bunnies

All Female

Team Members: Stina Bridgeman, Heather Brown, Erin Rycroft, Olga Huber

From: Toronto & Milton Ontario Canada and Canandaigua & Gainsville New York, U.S.A. 

Adrenaline Day Rush

All Male

Team Members: Adam Mallory, Jason McArthur, Adrian Makurat, Adam Suszka

From: Gatineau, Quebec & Toronto, Ontario Canada

Crash Splash and Dash

All Male

Team Members: Taison McIntyre, David Varty, Tom Wronecki

From: Ajax and Thornhill, Ontario Canada

Uphill Both Ways

All Male *rookie team*

Team Members: Matthew Reynolds, Dave Brydson, Shane Stapleton, Rob Francis

From: Toronto, Pickering & Whitby, Ontario Canada 

Ottawa Vet-Eng

All Male

Team Members: Luc Frechette, Erik Petersen, Joey Slobodian

From: Rockland & Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



Team Members: Trevor Williams, Will Santo, Ellen Dannys, Russell Kennedy

From: Waterloo, Ontario Canada

Team Birdman

All Male

Team Members: Dave Hitchon, Tom Van Natter, John Nadeau

From: Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Kinetic Konnection

All Male

Team Members: Robert Pula, Andrew Pula, Andre Gervais

From: Windsor, Ontario Canada

Bushmen LTD

All Male

Team Members: Adam Dallimore, Jay Livingstone, Jorge Tobon

From: Oakville, Ontario Canada

Generation Gap

Coed *rookie team*

Team Members: Peter Lang, Susan Lang, Blake Anderson

From: Shanty Bay, Ontario Canada

Mothership Connection

All-Male *rookie team*

Team Members: Tyler Sieben, Jeff Mazurkewich, Scott Mazurkewich

From: Toronto, Ontario Canada

The Stoics

All Male *rookie team*

Team Members: George Young, Wil Beardmore, Chris Bint

From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Premature Acceleration

All Male

Team Members: David Crawford, John Birr, Steve Schaus

From: Chesley, Markdale & Walkerton, Ontario Canada

Black Swan Racing

All Male

Team Members: Nathaniel Hoover, Kyle Nesbitt, Kwaku Wiafe

From: Aurora, Stratford & Brampton, Ontario, Canada


All Male

Team Members: Craig Adkins, Pete Denison, Cam Farrell, TBD

From: London & Markham, Ontario

Soaring Zebras

All Male

Team Members: Trevor Morningstar, Jeff Steven, Jeff Zettle

From: Tiverton, Ontario Canada

Puzzled by Nature

All Male *rookie team*

Team Members: Jordan Macdougall, Ben Nevin, Rob Bosman

From: Goderich, Ripley and Orangeville, Ontario Canada

Icarus Flight School

All Male

Team Members: Chris Werby, Rob Moore, Devin Archdekin

From: Woodstock and Georgetown, Ontario Canada

The Laug Train


Team Members: Chris Laughren, Vincent Trudelle, Julie Parent, Chad Spence

From: Milton & London, Ontario, Canada

The Wetter the Better

All Male

Team Members: Phil Edmunds, Paul Larmand, Aaron Coutts, Tim Bourrie

From: Midland, Ontario Canada



Team Members: Ken Batten, Anne McCutcheon, Peter Beisel, Anthony Byles 

From: Durham & Kincardine, Ontario Canada

Epic Endurance


Team Members: Kelly Boyd, Gerry Marcotte, Jeff Harvey, Anna Jones

From: Grand Prairie, Alberta & Roseneath, Ontario Canada and Boise Idaho U.S.A.

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