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Registered Teams

2018 Edition



Team Members: Alexandre Provost, James Galipeau, Jean-Yves Dionne, Stefanie Bishop

From: Ontario and Quebec, Canada and New York, U.S.A.


Team Members: Scott Ford, Shannon Miller, Harper Forbes, Angus Doughty 

From: Oakville, Bolton and Thornbury, Ontario Canada

Muck Dynasty

All Male

Team Members: Peter Ashmore, Brandon Ashmore, Michael Lawton

From: Parry Sound, Oakville & Toronto, Ontario Canada

Click Here to donate to Team Muck Dynasty who are participating to raise funds for Outward Bound Canada.



Team Members: Joshua Dey, Abraham Rojas, Agathe Fittipaldi, Maxime Syrykh

From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Uphill Both Ways

All Male

Team Members: Matthew Reynolds, Dave Brydson, Shane Stapleton, Rob Francis

From: Toronto, Whitby & Mississauga, Ontario Canada 



Team Members: Robert Makurat, Dorota Urbaniak, Tristan Makurat

From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

All Female

Team Members: Tracy Roth, Kimberly MacKinnon Jeffrey, Cherylle Tardif

From: Schomberg & Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Click Here to donate to The Breakfast Club who are participating to raise funds for Outward Bound Canada.

Long Time Running


Team Members: Richard Ehrlich, Mike Waddington, Heather Brown, Mark Tarnopolsky

From: Palgrave, Hamilton, Milton, Ontario, Canada

Attack From Above


Team Members: Chris Laughren, Vincent Trudelle, Julie Parent, Chad Spence

From: Milton & London, Ontario, Canada

Focus Forward (combined Beer Barons and X-Trekkers)

All Male

Team Members: Phil Kazmaier, Ross Brittle, Matt Hook, Erich Hanel

From: Ontario Canada


Team Members: Brad Jennings, Jessica Kuepfer, Adrian Makurat, Adam Suszka

From: Timmins, Waterloo & Toronto, Ontario

Anarchy AR

All Male

Team Members: Brady Vincent, Matthew Graham, Rob Bouchard, Nathan MacLauchlan

From: Kitchener, Ontario

Stark Raving Mad


Team Members: Jason Stark, Don MacAlister, Corey Kennedy, Trina Conley

From: Thomasburg, Belleville & Coutice, Ontario, Canada

Made In Poland

All Male

Team Members: Andrzej Poniedzialek, Mariusz Kalkowski, Pawel Radomski, Piotr Boltryk

From: Glogow, Bialystok and Kwidzyn, Poland



Team Members: Scott Cocks, Alexis Dallaire, Kit Vreeland, Mathieu Dore

From: Kanata & Ottawa, Ontario, Gatineau, Quebec Canada and Winooski, Vermont U.S.A.

Adrenaline Rush

All Male

Team Members: Adam Mallory, Jason McArthur, Stephan Meyer

From: Gatineau Quebec Canada


All Male

Team Members: Craig Adkins, Pete Denison, Cam Farrell, Patrice Pellerin

From: Ingersoll, London & Markham, Ontario and Beaconsfield, Quebec

Hasbro's Adventure Team (G.I. Average Joes)

All Male

Team Members: Wayne Simpson, Kirk Albert, Marty Pemberton, Richard Smith

From: Kemptville and Ottawa, Ontario Canada



Team Members: Jeremy Faulkner, Stephen Faulkner, Kenn Schmitz, Josef Sanden

From: Sudbury, Masse, Hanmer & Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada

Swamp Monsters


Team Members: Carolyn Connell, James Connell, Duane Frattini

From: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Black Swan Racing


Team Members: Nathaniel Hoover, Kyle Nesbitt, Una Hall

From: Aurora, Stratford & North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Ready, Let's Go, Run With Maps!

All Female

Team Members: Stina Bridgeman, Erin Rycroft, Ilana Kingsley, Sarah Pihel

From: Canandaigua & Gainsville New York, U.S.A. and L'amable & Orangeville, Ontario Canada

Spinning out of Control


Team Members: Kelly Legge, Chris Legge, John Price, Ken Batten

From: Hanover, Guelph & Milton Ontario, Canada

Milton Basement Racers


Team Members: Tim Grant, Eddie Johnson, Mike Simpson, Audrey Kelly

From: Guelph, Thornbury, Whitby & Toronto, Ontario Canada

WTF (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot)


Team Members: Erin Creasor, Candice Stuart, Grant Sutherland, Steve Ruskay 

From: Sydenham and Parry Sound, Ontario Canada

Storm Beowulf


Team Members: Jamie Gallagher, Cathy Gallagher, Sean Roper, Jay Livingstone

From: Milton & Georgetown, Ontario Canada

Purple Haze

All Male *rookie team*

Team Members: Kim Abell, Paul Manley, Thomas Rycroft

From: Fairport, New York, U.S.A.

Tickled Pickles

All Male

Team Members: Daniel Arki, Ben Walkowiak, Andrew Arki

From: Barrie and Russell, Ontario Canada and East Falmouth, Massachusetts U.S.A.


All Male

Team Members: Stu Vander Geest, Rick Atkinson, Luka Senk

From: Uxbridge, Claremont and Collingwood, Ontario Canada

Leaky Canoe


Team Members: Deborah Lightman, Robertson Gibb, Alex Rykov 

From: Ottawa, Ontario Canada


Team Members: Barbara Niess-May, Jens Christiansen, Mark Voit, Greg Van Tol

From: Michigan, U.S.A.


All Male

Team Members: Luc Frechette, Erik Petersen, William Santo

From: Rockland & Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Crash Splash and Dash

All Male

Team Members: David Varty, Brad Elliott, Tom Wronecki, Taison McIntyre 

From: Thornhill, Ajax & Oakville, Ontario Canada

The Cardboard Crowns

All Male

Team Members: Bruno Grossmann, Roland Kuehn, Jacob Kuehn

From: Gatineau, Quebec Canada 

Jake and the Fatmen

All Male

Team Members: Dave Hitchon, Will Hitchon, Mike Popik, Jacob Popik

From: Ontario, Canada

Will Trek For Bacon

Coed *Rookie Team*

Team Members: Cindy Lewis-Caballero, Alan Caballero, Shane Hotchkiss, Mark Loeffler

From: Burlington and Kincardine, Ontario Canada

Goose Adventure Racing


Team Members: Tim Ratowski, Laura Webber, Tim Howland, Ian Webber

From: Fairport, New York, U.S.A.

Burn The Ships

All Male

Team Members: Chris Lenox, Josef Kurtz, J-R Bouchard, Bruno Plafter

From: Cambridge & Jay Vermont, Charlestown, Massachusetts, U.S.A. and St. Basile Le Grand, Quebec  

Sole Brothers

All Male

Team Members: Sean Power, Davin Power, Stephen Glenney

From: Midland, Ontario Canada 

Team ISA


Team Members: John Birr, Peggy Birr, Steve Schauss, Anne McCutcheon

From: Markdale and Hanover, Ontario, Canada

The Stoics

All Male *rookie team*

Team Members: George Young, Wil Beardmore, Chris Bint

From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Click Here to donate to The Stoics who are participating to raise funds for Outward Bound Canada.


All Male *rookie team*

Team Members: Luke Connick, Shawn Yakely, Gavin Wright

From: Waubaushene, Coldwater and Hillsdale Ontario, Canada

Beauty and the Beasts

Coed *Rookie Team*

Team Members: Cosmo Longo, Stephanie Longo, David Bywater, Sylvain Sabourin

From: Pembroke, Parry Sound and Eganville, Ontario, Canada



Team Members: Andrei Neagoie, Tim Cripps, Rob McCollum, Anna Jones

From: Oakville, Cambridge and Roseneath, Ontario Canada and Basel-Stadt Switzerland

Icarus Flight School

All Male

Team Members: Christopher Werby, Rob Moore, Devin Archdekin

From: Woodstock and Georgetown, Ontario Canada

Mothership Connection


Team Members: Nicholas Langford, Tyler Sieben, Jeff Mazurkewich

From: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Puzzled by Nature

All Male

Team Members: Ben Nevin, Jordan MacDougall, Graham McDonald

From: Orangeville, Goderich and Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Gaeten des Bois


Team Members: Yannick Huneault, Jean-François Séguin, Karine Corbeil, Kevin Poirier

From: L'ange-Gardien, Gatineau, Montreal and Luskville, Quebec Canada

Epic Endurance


Team Members: Kelly Boyd, Anna Jones, Andrew Fairhurst, Wayne Nyman

From: Grand Prairie & Blairmore Alberta, Halifax Nova Scotia & Ontario

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