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Heading into Stage 2 - Trekking

From their canoes, teams will begin the first trek, navigating to CPs 5, 6 and 7 (the next TA) using map and compass and lots of careful route selection. Although the map may appear to have some usable trails, in reality they may be long overgrown and barely visible, while others may be challenging to run (think mud, deep ATV ruts, or deadfall across the trail), or too roundabout to make sense as a route choice. Check out this leg from CP5 → CP6: teams start out with an obvious trail/road run; then head into a short swim (unless they opt to battle the marshes to the south); and now there are choices to make - follow the yellow route, or the orange route, or maverick it completely off trail in between. Choices, choices. And consequences also: the yellow route may lead to an additional short swim to the northeast of CP6, while the orange route may involve some marsh wading and a chance of missing the lake if navigating too far west. Additionally, some teams may be attacking this leg in the dark! How would you complete this leg?


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