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It's 2am, what are racers thinking about?

2am feels kinda like the sun has been gone forever and how long until sunrise again? It can be hard to stay focused and minds tend to wander. We asked teams what they'd be thinking about out on the course at this nutty hour; here's some common themes & funny items:

  • Ooooh. The stars are nice.

  • When is the sun coming up?

  • How is this food (squished from my bag) SO GOOD?

  • How they got roped into this thing / questioning life decisions

  • Damn. This is fun.

  • Type 2 fun at it's finest!

  • I'm too old for this.

  • How is Chad so fast in the forest?

  • I paid money to be here.

  • How my teammates are feeling.

  • Stay focused. Stay awake.

  • Come on caffeine pill, do your thing!

  • I wish I could see the scenery...

  • How lucky am I to get to be part of this sport? SERIOUSLY!

  • What song I should sing next

  • Bacon

  • Can we sign up for next year yet?

  • So Bob... 5 day race? eh? eh?

  • All out to the finish line!

  • Taylor Swift

  • How rare it is to have this opportunity... or in reality, being jealous of my family sleeping at home


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