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Loop the loop

The trekking loop (look at it like a clock face) is loaded with teams vying to make up time and move up in the rankings. We've seen lots of teams, including the eventual top four finishers, go right to the eastern edge of the loop (at two o'clock), heading to CP10, which likely means the terrain is pulling them into there, or they're using the lake edge as a 'handrail'. The majority of teams have followed the red route line around the west side of the lake (going to CP11) at four o'clock, but a few intrepid teams have gone down the east side - there are trails down both sides, but it looks like the western route has been more efficient for most teams. Getting back to TA3/4 (at 10 o'clock) has been a mishmash of route choices, though surprisingly only three teams (so far) have chosen to follow the red route across the water to the TA.


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