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Never give up! Never surrender! (Team 21)

Team 21 must be channeling their inner Buzz Lightyear because we've been watching them on the dot watch and they have had a couple 'oopsies' that (we're sure) were frustrating. BUT (and there's a 'but') we are also super impressed that they not only figured out what was happening, they also have KEPT GOING!

The kind of physical mental challenge WT presents is tough enough. Add in some extra bike kilometers for posterity certainly means you're getting your money's worth!

1) They took a trail that went south. Not where they wanted to be,. Figured out the error and turned around. Kept going.

2) Headed north too early. Dot watching at HQ wondered if they might have decided to short cut and call it a day; the road they took would cut off a large loop, bypassing CP8. Then their dot updated and they'd stayed left, which took them into an area of cottages, so... what was happening? Surely they'd just correct themselves and keep heading north. NO! They again realized the error and HEADED BACK ON COURSE!

Kudos to you 2 Bears and a Guy. We salute you and your inner Buzz.


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