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Tales From CP1

CP1 Volunteers have been sending in great updates on teams coming through. They've also asked for some insights, thoughts from teams, and provided a few observations of how teams were looking:

  • Team 40 took a 'scenic route'

  • Teams 62, 2 and 11 were travelling in a pack and enjoying the company

  • Large pack, led by 42 who were trying to pull away, but were being reeled back in

  • Team 26 was looking a little muddy

  • Team 19 is 'all smiles'

  • Team 65 came in hot with a broken canoe seat!

  • Heavy team traffic was reported at 12:15

  • Team 60 described the portage as 'a little boggy' (read: mucky and muddy)

  • Team 41 came in said they were 'feeling rock solid'

  • Team 29 said 'no puking, but lots of praying' and feeling confident they'll see our volunteers again at CP6


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