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Team Spotlight | 150 Racing

With a motto of “Never Quit',' teammates Hilary, Nash, Leigh and Keifer are at WT for their second time. Last year was their AR debut. They competed at the Haliburton Forest Trail Run a few weeks ago competing in the 100M, 50M and 26K races, which was Nash & Hil’s honeymoon (we can’t imagine anything more romantic!).

They got their start when Leigh, who had heard about adventure racing, asked her colleague Keifer if he was into the sport. He said no but had two friends who would make perfect teammates. Today’s fuel will include Twinkies, Mr. Noodles, pickles, gels, and PB & J sammies. In the middle of the night, as you sleep, they’ll be thinking about how amazing the stars look in Ontario’s fall sky.


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