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Team Spotlight | Unknown ETA

This team of four 16 year olds is our only junior team for 2023! They are friends from school who wanted to have a ‘wild experience’ and push their physical and mental limits to see just what they can do. Racing for 24 hours through the woods of central Ontario should probably do it! Evan, Thomas, Carson and Gabriel are new to adventure racing this year - they should get some good stories to tell out of the deal. As a team, they have three goals: Have fun, listen to each other, and don’t get lost. Their biggest challenges? Managing body temperatures between daytime highs and nighttime lows, navigating in the dark and not slowing down through transitions.

The team wants to give a shout out to Michele who was supposed to be racing, but has an injury: “We wish you were out here with us!”. Also… they’re really hoping their teachers might give them a ‘free pass’ on homework this weekend… 😀


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