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The Breakfast Club

Pictured here is team Breakfast Club transitioning on to the trek course in great spirits as always.

Team The Breakfast Club has been raising funds for Outward Bound Canada for years, having raised $17,655.00 last year alone for this fantastic Organization, they truly show their passion for the outdoors and helping others achieve similar experiences. This year their goal was to continue to grow this program by beating their fundraising last year. Their donation link :

Here is a blurb of why they encourage everyone to help such a great Program: "In challenging times, these skills are absolutely vital for the next generation, to survive, thrive, and grow into resilient young people. Like the Wilderness Traverse; Outward Bound’s Programs challenge individuals, and support teamwork! Our Team embraces the importance of of these qualities, and continues to fundraise to help more young people participate in these valuable programs." (More information is available on the program and it's success is on their website) Please help them in their continued quest of helping others enjoy the great outdoors and develop their skillsets!


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