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Through 'The Gap' - Canoe Route Choices

Route choice is a core component of an interesting adventure race. The canoe leg seemed to have one dominant route, but that doesn't mean there weren't options! Teams had to navigate around the island separating Big Hawk Lake and Little Hawk Lake. Most teams took the west route (white arrow), but a two teams (Team 3 [NARly There] and Team 35 [Spinning Out of Control]) took the east route (black arrow). Interestingly, on maps the east route doesn't look open, but (low and behold!) there is a narrow passage that you can paddle through ('The Gap' - checked out by our intrepid race director and HQ manager). So some teams must have done their homework to know that was a route option!

More teams are headed this way, so we'll see if anyone else chooses 'The Gap"!


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